EnerJy helps you to create experiences that excite, enlighten and endure. Combining the expertise of a DMC and creative production company, we cover all elements of a live communication experience from the creativity of content and the spectacle of production to the fundamentals of logistics. And we have been doing this successfully for our clients for many years.

We work in all of Scandinavia, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Lapland.


As a professional creative agency, we have the skills, knowledge, and network of partners to put together perfect project solutions, both locally and internationally. A small team with big ideas and a big network from which to draw the right match of skill and experience.

Our clients trust us to be the most creative and dependable partners: they feel confident that their communication experience is in safe hands. With our own confidence and experience, we reassure that we are the right choice of Business Event Partner.


Enerjy is a small but creative event agency that thinks big! From our tiny office in northern Copenhagen, we absolutely care about the world. In essence, we love to help people from different corners of the world to move around, meet and create unforgettable experiences full of synergy. For us, it is no longer only a matter of offering original and unique solutions – the services that we provide crucially need to take into consideration our amazing environment and this beautiful world we live in. That is why we have been gradually taking more and more steps in the direction of sustainability, inclusion, and green solutions. It all starts with us in our little office, and guides all aspects of our work, our clients and suppliers. Every action, every decision, and every event that we at Enerjy make, involves this fundamental change that needs to happen, in order to ensure a clean and healthy world that we can all enjoy – and we do it with passion and engagement.

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