Scandinavia is a wonderful part of Northern Europe where beautiful nature, amazing architecture and old cultures converge. Every country is an exciting world to be explored by curious and innovative companies who wish to hold an event or maybe just a meeting in different settings.

EnerJy provides destination management services for large companies around Scandinavia and Iceland – making sure that every single detail is in place.

We work primarily with all the logistics of the planning, adding our creative touch. With our many years of experience in the DMC business, 

we have a professional but still personal and close relationship with our clients and our partners. The success that EnerJy has accomplished is based on the equality and innovation of our services and our approach to the concept.​​​


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Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt


Walk the roofs of Stockholm? Clamber into the crater of an Icelandic volcano? Make business decisions in the heart of a Lapland forest?

Find inspiration for your next venue by reading our Scandinavian destination guide below:


Home to one of the world’s happiest people, Denmark serves its rightful and well-deserved purpose as the gateway to Scandinavia. Copenhagen, named “the world’s top city to visit in 2019” by Lonely Planet, encompasses royal history, modern architecture, sustainable living, and booming gastronomy to enchant visitors worldwide. Modernist design, aesthetically pleasing locals cycling on cool bridges and through winding streets and the glistening canals are just some of the wondrous things you will be able to witness for yourselves. Also known as the world’s greenest major city by The Telegraph, Copenhagen truly is the epitome of an awesome, unstoppable, and avantgarde force.​


This giant country showcases not one but three beautiful cities and fascinating landscape up north. Stockholm, often known as the capital of Scandinavia, is harborside elegance reincarnate. Also called “beauty on water” by its inhabitants, Stockholm embodies history with its various museums and palaces, modernity by its vanguard in sustainability and architecture, tranquility with its idyllic archipelago and yet energy by the trend-setting restaurants and cultural highlights. Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden, features some of the best seafood restaurants in the world, as well as valuable historical attractions that are all accessible by foot. Finally, Malmo, situated on the other side of the striking Oresund bridge, is a mini-metropolis in full development, teeming with knowledge and opportunities, symbolizing cross-border diversity and cooperation.​


Just one look at Norway tells us why it has been calling to daredevils and wanderers all over the world. Comprised of the beautiful mountains and sea, mesmerizing natural wonders, sensational cities and captivating history, Norway displays reinvention within its compact and cultured cities. Oslo, with its innovative architecture, Bergen with its mythical stories and landscape that are part of the UNESCO cultural heritage list, all represent diverse sides of this grand and awe-inspiring country. Magnificent fjords, astoundingly graceful and friendly whales and awe-inspiring, state-of-the-art design are a few of the things that your eyes can feast upon during your stay in Norway.​


Alongside its bold Scandinavian competitors, Finland has slowly but surely earned its place as a must-visit destination for the coming years. And why wouldn’t it? A country of intriguing contrasts, it boasts breathtaking unspoiled forests alongside numerous islands and the thousands of lakes, parallel to Helsinki, its condensed and contemporary capital. This fusion of beautiful, wild nature, modern design, culinary delight, and a exemplary quality of life that favors all citizens, with a hint of wintry magic, a pinch of an enticing summer, and the charm of the saunas makes for an absolutely beguiling result.​


Completely unexpected, extraordinary, and dazzling, Iceland has recently made it to the top of many nature lovers’ and adventurers’ bucket list. But once you get past this rugged and magnificent nature, that calls to you with its hot springs, glaciers, and lava beaches, what awaits you is a sudden but welcoming contrast with warm locals, a rich Viking culture and a flourishing urban life at Reykjavik teeming with trendy restaurants and amazing modern architecture. A yet another example of the land contrasts in Northern Europe.​


As if the Snow Queen herself cast a powerful spell over this mystical territory, Lapland calls out to all those who have an inherent wish to live a snowy and unforgettable experience. Its Arctic magic resides in every element: the midnight sun, the Sami people, the Northern lights, the roaming reindeer, and cute huskies that you can meet. As you coast over snow on a snowmobile safari or a dogsled, as you feel the rush of exhilaration while rallying on ice, you will be able to take in the winter wonderland that is Lapland. The Finnish one offers you the chance to finally meet the real Santa Claus, the Swedish Lapland invites you to a hearty and cozy “dinner on ice”, and Norway flaunts its UNESCO heritage site, the former mining town of Røros.​

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, formed by volcanic eruptions and shaped by the ice age, look magical, picturesque and unusual. We fell in love with them immediately!

Therefore 2023 marks our collaboration with expert local suppliers and, like us, visionary and enterprising! So if you want to propose a place out of the ordinary for Conventions, Product Launches, Teambuilding or Incentive Travel, this is the perfect destination. Thanks to the various excellent hotel facilities (following the best Danish tradition of style and design), the activities that can be done are varied: from the less daring ones such as tastings of local products, to the more adrenaline-pumping ones, rappelling, cave swimming, RIB tours and others that you will soon discover.


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